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Not feeling you are moving forward in your English learning?  
Lost motivation?  Feel like it's an uphill climb?
Why us?
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It's flexible

We fit in with your priorities and before you know it English learning will be one of them.

It's personal

We focus on how you learn.

We don't teach English, we teach you how to learn it.

It's customized

Don't want to use a course book? No problem!

Need a lesson via Skype? Easy!

It's cultural

Language is culture, culture is language.

Let us give you the inside story.

for Life
English for life
Need to improve your English for everyday life?

Do you sometimes feel blocked when someone greets you or says goodbye?

The hello & goodbye

Do you know how to explain what you are looking for?

The shop

Can you ask for help with transport and directions?

The transport

Do you know how to politely make special requests?

The hotel

Are you nervous about making conversation with locals?

The pub

Can you clearly make your requests for information? 

The airport

Lost your passport? Need a pharmacy? Need to go to the police?

The emergency
for Work
English for WORK
Need to improve your English for work?
The CV

Do you know if your cover letter and CV will be read?

The profile

Is your LinkedIn profile up to international standards?

The interview

Do you have the right answers to the tough questions in an international interview?

The email

Do you rely on translation software to read and write emails?

The meeting

Are you struggling to be convincing in meetings?

The call

Do you need to ask for an email summary after a call?

The business trip

Do you have ice-breaker opening and closing lines?

The business lunch

Are you able to talk about general topics using more colloquial language?

for Study
English for STUDY
Need to study English for school or an English certification?
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The study schedule

Do you need to be guided through your exam preparation?


Are you able to sustain a natural, rhythmic dialogue?


Are you able to write clearly and concisely?


Do you know how to complete the reading task with time to spare?


Are you able to maximise your listening ability?

The exam

Do you know the tips to achieve your best result?

The exam day

Do you know what to expect and how to best prepare yourself on the day of the exam?

The thesis

Does your thesis read as authentic academic English?

About us
We teach you based on what we know from real life experience. Click on our LinkedIn profiles below to know our story.
Want to know even more about us?  We are happy to meet up with you to see if we're a good match.
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What I love...
Music & Liverpool FC
Running & Motorcycling
Mathematics & Physics
What I've done...
Spent most of my career in industry in a multi-national, multi-lingual business environment.  As a senior manager I realised that language tactics was THE key!
Immagine 028.jpg
Linked in.png
What I love...
Literature & Film
Swimming & Cycling
Food & Travel
What I've done...
Spent most of my life in Australia as an English teacher and have always known that empathy and understanding the learning process is THE key!
What I do...
Business English
Interview & CV preparation
Cambridge Exam Preparation
Conversational English
Italian to English Translation
Intermediate to Advanced levels
Have fun!
What I do...
General English
Cambridge Exam Preparation
Scholastic English
Conversational English
Italian to English Translation
Beginner to Advanced levels
Have fun!
contact US?
Piazza del Ponterosso, Trieste, Italia

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